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  • Nov/ 17/ 2019
Rozna - The Castle Restaurant
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A restaurant that looks like a castle. You have probably seen it as you pass the main road of Sultan Qaboos Street, right in between Oman automobile club and ministry of education.  

It has an impressive architecture, especially because it was meant to represent the type of food served in it. Obviously, authentic, delicious, Omani Food.

It is a must-go place when you have a guest from abroad and you have no idea where to keep them to try the authentic taste of Omani spices and flavours and dishes. Everything about the interior reflects an Omani traditional home, wooden tables and chair, but also there are rooms with Arabian sittings, or as we call it in Arabic AL Jalsa Al Arabia.

Food can be served ala cert, or on some occasions, it is served in a buffet. I mean where else can you go to have the proper Meat Muqalay with Khubus Yabis? That’s a specially marinated lamp meat sautéed to perfection and too tender it melts as you take a bite, and the khubus is actually a dry Omani bread that goes so well together with the meat. Of course, they do serve other authentic meals, such as Haress, Qaboli, Different types of salads and curries.

Just don’t miss to have the real Omani Coffee along with Luqaymat.

Business Details :

Time: Mon-Thu, Sat-Sun 7:30AM–11:30PM
Fri 8:30AM–11:30PM
Call: 95522920 - 22022220

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