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  • Nov/ 20/ 2019
968 Food Studio
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How often does this happen that a restaurant reminds you of something, something nice, something pleasant, some memory, some de?ja? vu?

You always wonder as you whiz past a busy street, waiting to get past the fast-paced traffic, whether all these shops, cafes and restaurants have any specific thought behind their names, and if yes, what would it be?

One among these many names is our cafe? Hashtag 968. The name derives its identity from the country code of our beloved nation which makes it easy to associate

and gives a deep sense of belonging.

While the name dwells in simplicity, the food is a scrumptious mix of nostalgia and innovation.

Nostalgia for the native Indian to reminisce about his
love for Indian cuisine and innovation for the Omanis to experience the piquancy of India in every morsel.

So, if you’re in no hurry to cut through the traffic,
in the mood for a memorable dining experience and ifyou’re always up for something nice, come feel welcome at

Where food meets stories. 

Timings : All Days: 11 AM - 4 PM & 7 PM - 12 AM

Phone +968 9096 8968

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