How Oman inspired Sudipta Choudary !!

I have attempted to interpret the nuances of my experiences through the strokes of a paint brush. My paintings are an effort to understand fluid mental journeys, both anguished and lyrical, which emerge from a constant flux within myself. This flux stems from a search beyond the boundaries of my surroundings, an individualistic absorption the culture and the singularities of the Sultanate of Oman.

The impact of a distinctive culture kindled a spark of vitality in my purpose to paint. This response generated a progressive pursuit for a realm where human values mingle and ethnic differences pale. By means of the woman, nature and spirit within myself, I have tried to find a rhythm in this synthesis.

In my immediate surroundings in the Sultanate, the unusual, stark and jagged mountains display brilliant shades of blue and purple at daybreak. The cadent swirls of the women’s attire and the luminous glow of a nomadic Bedouin’s fire against an inky blue sky, emanates a charm that has an elemental simplicity. Doorways beckon to a threshold which is a step to a culminating peace among people.

These entrances are a symbolic depiction of the warmth and hospitality of the Omani people that has awaited me always. I have depicted my perception of motion and change in life through an absorption of these forms.

A fascination with light is portrayed through my expression of colors. Different hues and their manner of relating and interacting with each other become a language I use to communicate myself to the viewer. It is a spontaneous quest which surges before it is comprehended rationally. The image develops naturally fusing the experiences of the inner self. The landscape in Oman appears to me to be a blank canvas, inviting every artist to splash it with ideas, emotions, color and communication.

My purpose is to change actual experiences into fluid, mental and spiritual journeys. In this metaphoric solitude, I hope, I shall find a universal human balance among all fellow men. 

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