Oman  is a country of contrasts, from the fords and rugged mountains in the north to the sandy deserts heading south.

The Sultanate is a modern state and in that context its administrative divisions are among its most distinctive features. According to Royal Decree No. 114/2011, issued on 26th October 2011, Oman comprises 11 governorates:

Muscat, Dhofar, Musandam, Buraymi, the Dakhiliyah, the North Batinah, the South Batinah, the South Sharqiyah, the North Sharqiyah, the Dhahirah and the Wusta.

Muscat Governorate comprises (six) wilayats: Muscat, Mutrah, Amerat, Bausher, Seeb and Quriyat, each of which is administered by a wali   appointed by the Governor of Muscat. The wilayat of Muscat is the Governorate’s main wilayat.

The Governorate of Dhofar comprises (ten) wilayats: Salalah, the main wilayat, and Taqah, Mirbat, Rakhyut,Thumrait, Dhalkut, Mazyounah, Muqshin, Shaleem and the Hallaniyat Islands, and Sadah . 

The Governorate of Musandam comprises (four) wilayats: Khasab, the main wilayat, as well as Daba, Bukha and Madha. 

The Governorate of Buraymi comprises (three) wilayats: Buraymi, the main wilayat, Mahdha and al Sinainah. 

The Dakhiliyah Governorate comprises (eight) wilayats: Nizwa, its main wilayat, Bahla, Manah, al Hamra, Adam, Izki, Samail and Bidbid. 

The North Batinah Governorate comprises (six) wilayats: Sohar (the main wilayat),Shinas, Liwa, Saham, Khabourah and Suwaiq. 

The South Batinah Governorate comprises (six) wilayats: Rustaq, its main wilayat, Awabi, Nakhl, Wadi al Ma’awil, Barka and Musana’ah.

The South Sharqiyah Governorate comprises (five) wilayats: Sur (the main wilayat), al Kamil wa’l Wafi, Ja’alan Bani Bu Hassan, Ja’alan Bani  Bu Ali and Masirah.

The North Sharqiyah Governorate comprises (six) wilayats: its main wilayats , Ibra, as well as Mudhaibi, Bidiyah, Qabil, Wadi Bani Khalid and Dima wa’l Ta’een. 

The Dhahirah Governorate comprises (three) wilayats: Ibri (the main wilayat), Yanqul and Dhank.

The Wusta Governorate comprises (four) wilayats: Haima (the main wilayat), Mahawt, Duqm and al Jazer.

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