An Omani beekeeper

The National Natural Honey Company, the first Omani company to produce and market honey, won second place globally for honey production. It bagged the silver medal in the 47th APIMONDIA Congress held in Montréal, Canada. APIMONDIA is the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations.

The competition takes place every two years, in different countries, helping the organization to continue researching in the field. Initially, an exhibition is held, where beekeepers and honey makers, showcase their products.

The organizers then examine the honey. 450 companies from all over the world participated in the event, showcasing more than 1,000 jars of honey.

Mohammed al Shanfari, the company’s CEO, has proven the distinguished quality of the Omani honey in the global competition, noting that he has already won the third place for beekeeping and honey production in Turkey in 2017.

“I feel really proud to raise the flag of the Sultanate in front of Apimondia; I participated in this competition to show the world the great quality of Oman’s honey,” Al Shanfari said.

This is Al Shanfari’s first award from Apinondia. He has participated in numerous international and local exhibitions. “I hope to one day export my honey to countries abroad,” added Al Shanfari.

The National Company of Natural Honey LLC is the first Omani company to produce and market honey; it aims to develop the field of the beekeeping in the Sultanate and provides all the necessary equipment for it.

Al Shanfari received help from Al Raffd to help him to manage his company. The company also specializes in the production of Omani honey crude, which are not heated or treated in any manner, and this preserves minerals and enzymes.

“The competition was very intense. All honey samples underwent physical and chemical testing. But with the suitable Omani environment, the Omani honey will maintain its high quality, and always scores the top.” He said. “I am proud to raise the flag of the Sultanate in an international contest that takes place every two years in different countries.”, Al Shanfari added.

Meanwhile, the company is the first and the biggest Omani company specialized in the production and distribution of natural and raw honey. It has started distributing its products to many outlets in the Sultanate within a short span of time. 


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